La auténtica Esterilla
de Acupresión Sueca

Studi Clinici


• The Benefit of a Mechanical Needle Stimulation Pad in Patients with Chronic Neck and Lower Back Pain: Two Randomized Controlled Pilot Studies Claudia Hohmann ET AL – 5Department of Community Medicine, The National Research Centre in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NAFKAM), University of Tromsø, 9037 Tromsø, Norway – 28 July 2012

• “Relaxing on a bed of nails: an exploratory study of the effects on the autonomic, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems, and saliva cortisol,”

• E. M. G. Olsson and B. von Schéele, – Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, vol. 17, no. 1, pp. 5–12, 2011. Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden

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• Reflexo-Therapy With Mechanical Skin Stimulation: Pilot Study,

Tanya Zilberter, Ph.D., Jim Roman. – Community Holistic Health Center, Carrboro, North Carolina 103 Weaver St., Carrboro NC 27710. In Proceedings of the Symposium – Integrative Medicine, Omega Institute, New York, NY, USA, May, 1999.

• “Clinical Trials on Acupressure mat and pad” by Slovak doctors MD. Gustáv Solár of acupuncture center in Bratislava,
MD. Ondrej Bangha of department of acupuncture in Podunajské Biskupice MD. Juraj Čelko, chief expert of the SR Ministry of Health for physiotherapy, balneotherapy and rehabilitation.


• “Formal clinical trials on the Acupressure Massage Mat” – April-May 2014

Leading researcher, Dr.biol. Indra Mikelsone – University of Latvia, Institute of Experimental and clinical medicine

• Graphs of the Study on Acupressure Massage Mat Use with Comments Analysis of Study Participant’s Questionnaires
Dzintra Vāvere, Physical and rehabilitation medicine physician, algologist, April-May 2014 – Leading researcher, Dr.biol. Indra Mikelsone University of Latvia, Institute of Experimental and clinical medicine

• “Does relaxation on a bed of nails ( spike mat ) inducebeneficial effects? A randomized controlled pilot study”
Anette Kjellgren,1,2Kristin Erdefelt,1,2 Lena Werngren,3Torsten Norlander1 1Human Performance Laboratory, Karlstad University, Karlstad; 2Department of Psychology, Karlstad University

• State Institute of Physical Culture (2450 sessions)

• Institute of Neurosurgery (1000 sessions on 30 patients)

• Institute of Experimental Surgery (75 patients, 750 sessions)

• Central Institute of Trauma (176 patients) – Department of Facultative Surgery of the Second Moscow Medical School (120 patients with heart diseases)

• Report on testing the „Equipment for acupressure“
MD. Ondrej Bangha, Department of Acupuncture ÚTARCH P.Biskupice, Bratislava 11. 7. 1990

• “ Testing of Kuznetzov’s “Applicator.” Personal Communication, Moscow, Russia, 1991. (Per cortesia della Clinica Privata “TERAPEVT”).

Mysa Mat

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